sappy thoughts on a Sunday night about things that matter

when I should be studying and preparing for class this week, I decided to stop and write about things that matter. i want it to inspire me as well as you.

it matters more to know that i am truly loved than to have 131 likes on my pic.

it matters more to hold someone’s hand and hear their story than for someone else to share my post.

the conversation over the cup of coffee matters more than what kind of coffee it is.

i am more than just what i look like on any given day. so are you.

how much I care matters more than my grades.

real love for God matters more than how many verses I can memorize for him.

it matters more to live in the moment than to document it later on social media.

the person in front of me matters than what’s on the screen in front of me.


here’s to a week of caring about what matters.

here’s to a week of doing what matters.

~rachel sue


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