Don’t Fear the Small Things


Sometimes I’ve found that the things I dread the most are also the things I enjoy the most. Or perhaps those things impart a sense of accomplishment, something that is even better than simply the pleasure of the moment.

My favorite YouTube fitness instructor says to “find comfort in the discomfort.” Surely this applies to more than plank position. If I only did what brought me pleasure at the moment and avoided the awkward, the hard, or the monotonous, I would never see any results or achieve anything meaningful.

Take school, for example. I HATE interviews, but it seems that professors often think that they’re a beneficial exercise. However, I can’t avoid them since they are right there, as much a part of my homework as anything else. (I’ve seriously considered fabricating a nice-sounding interview with an imaginary person, but I know I would die from guilt afterwards.) Yet these times I’ve worked up the nerve to interview the local judge about justice, a random social worker about foster care, or people I respect about their views on various issues, I’ve come away having learned something I never would otherwise. Not only have I overcome a challenge, but I’ve also gained wisdom from those who have gone ahead of me.

Or cleaning. Sometimes I really enjoy housework, and other times I watch papers assemble all over my desk, hating the mess but also feeling too lazy to do anything about it. (I can always use the “busy” excuse, right?) Actually, I’ve never died from cleaning my desk. In fact, I’ve never even regretted cleaning my desk.

Paperwork. Phone calls. Ironing. Working out. Or big stuff – you know what it is.The stuff that life is made of, and also the stuff we dread the most. It’s nothing to be scared of. I think Satan enjoys telling us that it is so that we miss out on the good that we can experience if we cross the line of comfort.

I have a long ways to go in this area. It’s definitely easier to check Facebook than to get through a good book. However, I am proud that I made myself finish school before I wrote this post. =)

This does’t translate over into spiritual life in such a way that the more we do for God, the more He blesses us. No. His richest blessings are those whose hearts are loyal to Him, who seek Him with all of their hearts. And We love Him because He first loved us. And I believe that as much as is in our human wills, we will never regret what we surrender to Him.

~Rachel Sue

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